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Seal-coating Sealcoating3 Seal-coated driveway

Protect your pavement with sealcoating

If left untreated, your driveway or parking lot will deteriorate quickly. Call on Boston Black Top for the area's best sealcoating and asphalt protection services.

  • Sealcoating

  • Commercial

  • Residential

  • Protect your asphalt against environmental distress

  • Experienced team

  • Commercial-grade sealer with additives for ultimate protection

Superior sealcoating services

As a local business, Boston Black Top has your best interests at heart. Your sealcoating work will be completed with quality products by a team with over 30 years of experience.


Your pavement's binder will be replenished to reverse damage from weathering and ageing. Get in touch with us today to

learn more!

Personalized local paving

Call us for quality sealcoating:


Protect your asphalt from gasoline, oil leaks and spills, sun, ultraviolet rays, moisture, rain, and more with a call to Boston Black Top!